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Volunteer Opportunities

Parent Participation (PTC, SSC, ELAC, Volunteering…)

The following suggestions are provided by the 

National Parent Teacher Association

  • Build your children’s self-esteem. Listen to what they have to say and praise them for the things that they do well.

  •  Encourage your children to talk about their feelings, accomplishments, and problems.

  • Be a positive role model for your children. Teach them right from wrong at an early age.

  • Tell your children it is all right to make mistakes, as long as they learn from them.

  • Allow your children to see you read daily (newspapers, books, etc.). Read stories aloud and tell them about your culture and heritage.

  • Show interest in your children’s school activities by helping them with their homework and getting to know their teachers.

  • Take your children to museums, the local library and other free educational and cultural events whenever possible.

  • Join the Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) or volunteer at your children’s school.

Opportunities at our school:

  1. Parent Volunteer: (fill out volunteer form annually in the front office)  Volunteers are needed at school  for a variety of reasons.  Many children need individual help and encouragement in particular subject areas.  Volunteers can provide assistance to the instructional program by listening to a student read, tutoring a student, or assisting the teacher in some other way.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact your child's teacher or the school office.

  2. PTC (Parent Teacher Committee):  Parent/legal guardians are a vital part of the success of our school. The PTC has sponsored many school projects such as Family Night, annual fundraisers, and student field trips.  We welcome your participation and invite you to join our PTC meetings.  Please visit the school website or call the school office for additional information.

  3. ELAC (English Language Advisory Committee): The English Learner Advisory Committee provides parents of English Learners opportunities to learn more about the programs offered to their children, participate in the school’s needs assessments, advise school staff on effective strategies for English Learners, and provide input on the most effective ways to support full participation of English Learners in all school activities.  Please see the school website or phone the school office for meeting dates.

  4. SSC (School Site Council): The School Site Council consists of parents, teachers, staff, and community members. The council meets throughout the year to discuss the development of the school site plan and annual budgets. Parents are invited to attend and become a member.  Please visit the school  website or call the school office for additional information.  A copy of our School Site Plan, School Accountability Report Card, and minutes/agendas to any district and /or school site meetings are available upon request at the school office.

  5. Parent/Teacher/Student Compact: During Back to School Night, parent/legal guardians will receive the Parent/Teacher/Student Compact.  It is important that you read and discuss this agreement with your child(ren). Please complete the form and return it with your child to school. A copy of the signed agreement will be sent home with your child(ren), and a copy placed in the child’s cumulative file.   The Parent/Teacher/Student Compact can be found in the appendices of this handbook.

  6. Parent Teacher Conferences:  Parent/Teacher conferences are held at least once a year, typically  in  the fall trimester.  During conference week, classes are dismissed early.  Student progress will be discussed and a copy of the report card will be sent home at the end of each trimester.   Additional conferences may be requested by parent/legal guardian or teacher at any time. 

  7. Back to School Night:  Parents are invited to attend our Back to School Night at the beginning of each school year. During the evening parents meet their child(ren)’s teacher(s) and visit their classrooms. Teachers will review the classroom and homework procedures, school rules, and the state’s academic expectations for your child during the upcoming school year.  Invitations will be sent out prior to the meeting. 

  8. Title 1 Parental Involvement Policy: There is a Title I meeting held each year to explain our school’s  participation and the requirements of the Title I SchoolWide Program.  Parents are informed about their right to be involved in the process.  School curriculum and state and local assessments, that show progress in meeting learning goals, are discussed and the Title One budget is reviewed.  A copy of the Parent Involvement Policy is in the appendices of this document, will be handed out at the annual Title One meeting, and is also available upon request in the office.

  9. Parent Educational Opportunities:  A variety of parent education opportunities are available throughout the school year.  Please call the school office for additional information.