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Drawing od students sitting infront of their desk with wording attend today, achieve tomorrow

 School attendance is very important, as being present on a regular basis, directly relates to student achievement. When it is necessary for your child to be absent from school, it is important that the parent contact our school office  (559-305-7260) that same day or send a signed note with your child upon his/her return.  CONTACTING THE OFFICE, THE MORNING OF YOUR CHILD'S ABSENCE, IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.  It is the responsibility of each parent to clear all absences within the 24 hours, as well as contacting your child’s teacher prior to the conclusion of the day for any homework requests.  We certainly do not want children to attend school when they are ill, therefore, we ask that you try to schedule any appointments after school hours whenever possible and continue to send notes verifying illnesses or appointments to school. (A student can be counted as present if he/she is in attendance for any portion of the school day.  If an appointment has been scheduled for late morning or the afternoon, it is better to have your child (ren) attend class a portion of the day rather than miss an entire day.)

Your assistance in helping your children achieve excellent school attendance does three things:

  1. It sends a clear message to your child that being in school every day is important because getting a good education is important.
  2. It establishes a daily pattern of “on-the-job" behavior with your child that carries over into adult life.
  3. It helps Kings Canyon Unified School District provide the best educational program that we can for your child.

Chronic Absenteeism Definition: If a student is absent for ANY reason (EXC, UNX, UNV, TRU, Ill, OSS…) 10% or more of the days in school.   (180 school days in a year… if absent 18 days then considered chronically absent.  If we have been in school only 100 days and if absent 10 days then considered chronically absent.) Note:  Chronic and SARB have different definitions.

SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) Process:
(EXC are not included in SARB)

  • LETTER #1- 6 UNX, UNV, TRU, ILL (Phone home
  • LETTER #2- 9 UNX, UNV, TRU, ILL (Phone home/Parent meeting) 
  • LETTER #3/SARB Referral- 12 UNX, UNV, TRU, ILL (Phone home/Meeting) 

Note:  Copy of each letter will be placed in the student’s file.  Unexcused and Unverified  Tardies exceeding 30 minutes (UT3) are considered a UNX or TRU day. 


  It is the responsibility of every student to arrive on time each day, prepared to learn.  Instruction begins at 7:55 A.M. each school day.  Many general routines including the registering of attendance, breakfast, and assignment explanations are done at the beginning of the day.  It is disruptive to the learning environment to break these routines for tardy students. Tardy students must report to the office before entering their classroom.  If the student does not bring a note from home or if the parent(s) have not contacted the office providing a reason for the tardy, the tardy will be considered "unexcused".  Students who receive three or more unexcused tardies will not be eligible for the attendance award.