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Student Leadership


The purpose of Student Council:
· To develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship.
· To promote good relations throughout the entire school.
· To improve student and faculty relationships.
· To improve school morale and general welfare.
· To provide a forum for student expression.
· To plan special events or projects.

Benefits of being involved in Student Council include: an opportunity to improve reading and
writing skills, gain experience in public speaking, and learn how to make a positive impact on
school and community environment. In addition, Student Council is a chance for students to
meet new friends and work with a variety of people.

Qualities of a Good Student Council Member

Being a Student Council member is a lot of fun; it is also a big responsibility.
Good leaders, those who perform such a task, are people who:
*are willing and able to speak in front of large audiences
*are good listeners
*are fair and honest
*complete all assignments
*follow all class and school rules
*work independently
*attend school regularly

If you possess the qualities listed above, chances are you will make an excellent Student Council