Sheridan Elementary

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The 2014-15 school year was Sheridan’s first year of implementing PBIS.  PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  The goal of PBIS is to create and maintain a positive school community with consistent behavior expectations for all areas of the school.  From the hallways to the playground, from the classrooms to the restrooms, PBIS helps Sheridan Students understand what is expected of them and provides motivation to comply with those expectations. Having specific rules of conduct for all areas on and off campus provides our students with a safe school environment where maximum learning can take place. Sheridan uses STAR tickets and classroom & trimester rewards to help us remember what to do in every area of the school.   Sheridan’s STAR Behavior Expectations are that Sheridan Students will Show Respect, Take Responsibility And be Ready to Learn.  The behavior matrix below shows how this looks in each area of campus. Teacher and student are each responsible to do his or her part in creating and maintaining a respectful and safe learning environment.

School-Wide Behavior Expectations for Sheridan Elementary

Be a STAR 

Typical Settings/ Contexts

Show Respect

Take Responsibility

And be

Ready to Learn

To & From Home

-Arrive between 7:45-7:55

-Walk on the blacktop

-Respect personal space & belongings

-Go directly to dismissal lines

-Use crosswalks

-Go straight home


-Leave class with homework

-Follow directions

-Report safety concerns


-Big Five

-Respect personal space

-Help others

-Be prepared 

-Complete all assignments

-Use materials correctly


-Stay on Task

-Keep materials organized


-Level 1 voices 

-In & out 

-Give others privacy

-6 squares, 1 pump, 10 seconds 

-Flush, wash, leave no trace 

Use the  restroom at the appropriate time

-Report safety concerns

Yard Area

-Be fair, kind & safe

-Follow adult instructions

-Keep playground clean


-Share & use equipment properly

-Walk on all cement/blacktop areas

-Report safety concerns

-Freeze at the bell

-Line up quickly & quietly

MP Room/Lunch/


-Use proper manners

-Wait patiently

-Try new foods

-Eat first then level 2 voices

-Clean up around yourself

-Stack trays

-Big Five

-Level 0 voices in MPR

-Applaud when appropriate


-Level 1 voices and feet

-Be patient in line

-Care for loaned books

-Use shelf markers 

-Return library books on time

- Find books quickly 

-Use research resources appropriately

Public Areas

-Straight lines w/ hands & feet to self

-Stop for adults & younger students

-Level 0  voices

-Walk straight to destination

-Leave others belongings alone

-Leave public areas clean

-Face forward & follow directions

-Wait to be acknowledged before speaking

-Respond politely to people who speak to you

Overall: Continue to implement school wide system of clear behavioral expectations and incentives.

BehaviorMaintain current suspension rate of 3 suspensions or less.  Decrease chronic 

absenteeism by 2% to improve color on the California Dashboard


  1. Grades 3-5
    1.  In order to improve or maintain color on the California Dashboard all students in grades 3-5 will increase reading proficiency by 12 percentage points from 23% proficient in September to 35% proficient in January as measured by the September & January  Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI).
  2. Grades K-2
    1. Students in grades K-2 will increase proficiency in foundational skills by 19 percentage points from 16% proficient in September to 35% proficient in December as measured by the September &  December Basic Phonics and Skills Test (BPST).

Be a STAR!
Show Respect
Take Responsibility
And be...
Ready to Learn